bunionThroughout the years there have been major advances when it comes to dealing with painful bunions. For many years bunion surgery was considered so painful and debilitating that it was used as the standard procedure to trail new pain medication. Over 100 different types of bunion procedures have been described throughout the years. Many of these procedures required large incisions with long periods in casts off their feet. That being said, there have been a long evolution of development that has taken us to where we are today. This is in a large part due to advancement in recent technology. Currently, most bunions can be corrected with a simple 20 minute outpatient procedure. This procedure requires a small incision and allows patient to walk, in a special boot, the same day as the procedure.  Most of the patients that come through the center are back in regular shoes within four weeks of surgery. Patients usually only require pain medications for a couple of days after surgery and are back to work that week. For the more severe bunion deformities, which are the minority, significant advances in the surgical hardware have been made  in last five years. Newer technology allows our physicians to perform surgical procedures to correct the severe bunions in a way that allows patients to also walk the same day. Previously, theses patients would need casts and crutches for 6 weeks. Now they are walking immediately and back in regular shows at the time they would normally have just be coming our of their cast. Each patient is special, and will get the best care when being seen at our practice.