Who We Are

Orthopedics, Spine, and Sports Medicine Physicians

Clinical Staff

The clinical staff of TPMG Orthopedics is dedicated to ensuring that the patient’s encounter(s) with our office is the best possible.  Our clinical team consists of registered Radiologic Technologists, LPN’s and Medical Assistants with extensive Orthopedic backgrounds.  Their goal is to use their knowledge and skills to enhance your relationship with our providers, and make sure you do not leave with any unanswered questions.  They are often your primary point of contact. They pride themselves on knowing the specifics of your condition and treatment plan, and how they can assist the provider, the patient and family members to return the patient to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Administrative staff

The administrative staff of TPMG Orthopedics consists of Certified Coders, Billing Specialists, Referral Coordinators, and Patient Service Representatives.  These staff members play an important role in your visit.  Other than the clinical care, they handle all other aspects of your encounter with our office, beginning with making sure you are seen timely and by the provider best suited to care for your condition/injury.  They are well educated on Orthopedic specific billing and insurance requirements and will assist you in filing complete and accurate claims.  The welcoming environment they create lets our patients know they are important to us and that delivering quality care matters.